About Us



Matter&Co is a leading creative agency in the social innovation space. We build brands, strategies and campaigns for inspiring, values-driven organisations.

We use our skills and experience in PR, design, film, events and digital media to tell great stories and reach the audiences that matter. Our clients include everybody from charities and social enterprises to global corporates, government departments and City fund managers.




As a ‘full service’ or 'integrated' agency, we know that effective communications requires a blend of different tools, brought together in the right balance. In our team are PR professionals, journalists, editors, designers, film producers, digital specialists and strategic business thinkers. We also have a network of talented associates, from photographers and illustrators, to printers, researchers and change management professionals, whom we bring into projects where further skills are required.

We are known for our ability to develop compelling stories, for our creativity and knowledge – and for the way in which we anchor all our work on the business plan. Good communications has to be based on a solid understanding of our clients' vision, mission and business aims, alongside their culture, values and purpose.

Our approach is built around a set of principles (see below), which are designed to ensure excellence in what we deliver and how we work. 





We do all the things that traditional agencies do – strategy, campaigns, brand development and creative delivery. But we are different in some important ways.

As one of the UK's first Certified B Corps, we are committed to using business as a force for good. We love working with social ventures who use business thinking to drive their social mission, and with business leaders who are energised by and committed to social responsibility. We think this fusion of 'business' and 'social' represents the future, and gives our clients a competitive edge.

More unusually, we make socially innovative products ourselves. We created the world's first magazine dedicated to social enterprise, impact investment and responsible business, Pioneers Post; we produce the UK's leading international social investment conference, Good Deals, and we have built SE100, a major data/networking platform for social ventures and impact investors. You can find out more about these in The Factory.






Okay won’t do. We want you to love our stuff and we want to love it too. If a project isn’t going to plan, we will start again. We want you to find it hard to choose between the brilliant options we present.

Your success is our success. We listen, learn and understand what success means for our clients. The products we create must deliver results and build value for the organisations that hire us.

We believe that an authentic message is a powerful one – if delivered well, with confidence and imagination. A story will be more authentic if the great things it claims can be backed up with meaningful data.

We want to build trusting relationships that last. Your experience as our client matters to us, so we will keep in touch, let you know what’s happening, ask you how we are doing and what we could do better. Email is great but telephone is better and face-to-face is best if relationships are to thrive.

We're not always right, and neither are our clients. As a team, we will scrutinise each other's ideas because challenge and disruption sharpens our creativity, and criticism helps us learn to do things better. We will also question and challenge our clients with honesty, tact and sensitivity – because we all want to get the best results. Life is too short and the work our clients do is too important to head down a given road and fear to question or challenge a decision when we believe we might be heading in the wrong direction. 

We keep our brains switched on, informed and up to speed. Analysis, research and up-to-date knowledge of markets, trends, products and policies enable us to provide our clients with insight, advice and inspiration.

Budgets and deadlines are crucial. So is the ability to step back and take stock. We like our team to be organised, efficient and practical but to take time where it is required, take decisions where necessary, check and check again, and consult with clients as a matter of course.

As a multidisciplinary company we have built a great team with a range of skills in-house – PR and journalism teams; a web and graphic design team; our own film unit, and specialists in business strategy, branding and research. We have also developed a list of trusted associates with specialist knowledge and talent, many of whom we have worked with for several years.

We are committed to operating responsibly and sustainably, so we procure products and services for our clients and ourselves in a responsible way. This includes everything from sustainable print for our clients, to our recycling policy and our ethical phone supplier.

We are a fair and flexible employer and we invest in our team. Training and career development is reviewed regularly, and we have been audited for our diversity policies. We often offer paid internships (at the Living Wage rate) and we also offer work experience to young people looking for a chance to learn and explore the world of communications.